Ancient Worship is the key to the vision that God gave me, it was a thirteen year walk with God, during which God led and showed me to build the Shepherd and David harps.

In the beginning it was a faith walk of eight years just being obedient to The Lord, and experiencing amazing things and how God always provided in each and every aspect confirming His will in my life.

I had a tremendous urge to start doing woodwork and in a short time I purchased a CNC wood router machine and started out on my dream.

Since I began to set up my workshop and manufacture the harp instruments, God has miraculously supplied me a second CNC router as well as a bench lathe.

After the completion of the first two Shepherd harps, the first one was sold within seven days, up to date I have built a number of Shepherd Harps and am now manufacturing a range of 10 string David harps which are mentioned in the the book of Psalms in the Bible.

To complete my vision God gave me the inspiration to write a book on my testimony, and I went through amazing experiences,my testimony is called “FROG” which means Fully Rely On God, and will also be available soon in the store.


 FROG Book now available as E-B00k for download (07th March 2019)


Something beautiful to read.

The teacher was sitting in one of the gardens as I approached
Positioned between his legs and abdomen was a harp on which
he was playing,soft,gentle,beautiful music.
I waited until the piece was finished before I spoke.
“I had no idea you knew how to play,”I said.
“Its very scriptural,he said.
“The Bible’s praises are called psalms.The word psalm is a
translation of the Hebrew word mizmor.A mizmor is a musical
piece,in this case,a praise to God played with an instrument?”
“The word is specifically linked to the music of a harp.It was
when the ancient Jewish scholars translated the Scriptures into
Greek that mizmor became psalmos,from which we get the
word psalm.
Psalmos comes from the word psallo.And psallo specifically
speaks of making music on the strings of a harp.
So if you want to praise God,you must play a musical
“But I don’t play a musical instrument….I’ve never even
owned one.”
“But you do own one,”he said. “There is an instrument that
makes music to the Lord…and you own it.”
“What instrument?”
“It is written in the scriptures,’Make melody in your heart to
the Lord.’
The instrument that produces music to the Lord…is the heart.
So your heart is a musical instrument.
And what is the heart? It’s the center of your being,, the
deepest part of your existence.
That’s what makes the music of God’s praise,the deepest part
of your being.Your heart was never made to produce
bitterness,hatred,anxiety or gloom. It was made to be an
instrument that makes melody to the One who created it,the
melody of praise and thanksgiving,the music of love,worship
and joy.
And when the scriptures say,’Make melody in your heart,’do
you know what’s behind it? The word is psallo,which literally
means to pluck the strings.
You see,you have always had a secret harp.
And as a harp has highs and lows,so too does your life and
your heart.And you’re to praise Him in all of it and with all of
The very centre of your being was made as an instrument to
praise God.
Therefore, praise Him in all things,at all times,and from your
heart and your life itself will become a psalm…a song of praise
to God.”
Today, learn to make music from the instrument of your heart-
From the deepest part of your being-the melody of praise,joy
and worship.
Psalm 33:1-5:Ephesians 5:19-20